Shimano Calcutta 400 Series Casting Reels

One AWESOME round baitcasting fishing reel

If you are in search of the perfect round reel, then the Shimano Calcutta 400 is the fishing reel for you. You can bet that other manufacturers when producing their reels attempt to mimick the quality and sustainability of a Calcutta and the 400 is no exception, unfortunately, I haven't found another that comes close. And you can bet with their superior frame construction consisting of super lightweight, extra-strong aluminum forged frame and sideplates, that yours will maintain a well balance of power and durability throughout the time you own one. You'll be able to stock the 400 reel with heavier and more line capacity to allow you to capably fight those fish that like to run and not loose out on all of those other features that make the Calcutta great!

The 400 fishing reels will not only cast extremely well making them great for surf fishing but also superior when fishing live bait. If you are not one that's found of the levelwind, then take a look at the 400S model as it doesn't have one like the 400B or 400TE. The thumb bar to me feels better on this one than comparable models and doesn't feel like I'm stretching to get to it. One cool feature is the clicker. There's no accidentally turning this one on, if its on it's because you left it on and forgot, but when the big one takes off, you can easily set it back into quiet mode from the bottom left side of the frame (or just leave it on and annoy the crap out of everyone fishing around you like I do sometimes, it can be quite entertaining at times). Whether you are a troller, planer, downrigger, or simple casting, this versatile little fishing reel should be in your arsenal as it fits the perfect size and strength to rip them fish right out of the water. With a specially designed Live Bait Handle specifically for the Calcutta 400 reels, this thing will give you all the leverage you need to move a big cobia or kingfish, or even one of them big halibuts that they catch up in that frozen arctic tundra. The Shimano Calcutta 400 has it all no matter where or what you fish for.

Features: Calcutta 400 Reels

Dependent on the actual model that you purchase of these 400 wether it is the B, BSV, TE, etc, the features can vary a bit, but by in large here are the basic standard features that you can expect:

  • 3 A-RB stainless steel ball bearings + 1 A-RB stainless steel roller bearing
  • Super Stopper anti-reverse (#400B/#400BSV)
  • Shimano Variable Brake System (VBS)
  • Paddle knob power handle
  • QuickFire II clutch bar casting system
  • One piece aluminum body construction
  • Precision aluminum spool (#400B/#400BSV)
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Shimano Calcutta 400 Model Comparison - B BSV TE LJV

Here's a quick little specification sheet so you can see how the Calcutta 400's spec out to each other:

Calcutta B, BSV, GTB,TE, TE DC, Right Handed, Left Handed Specifications
Model Retrieve Line Retrieve Per Crank (in.) Mono Line Capacity Max Drag (lbs.) Ball Bearings Roller Bearings Gear Ratio Weight (oz)
CT400B Right 24 12/330, 14/260, 20/160 17.5 3 1 5.0:1 11.7
CT400BSV Right 24 12/330, 14/260, 20/160 17.5 3 1 5.0:1 11.9
CTE400 Right 25 14/260, 20/160 16 4 1 5.0:1 12.8
CTE401 Left 25 14/260, 20/160 16 4 1 5.0:1 12.8
CTE400LJV Right 25 14/260, 20/160 16 6 1 5.0:1 13.3
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The Shimano Calcutta 400 Diagram

A Visual Diagram of the Calcutta 400 Reel

Roosterfish Ripping Drag on a Cacutta 400 TE - SWEET!!

As I've said before, this is what and why I've fallen in love with my Calcutta's, their dartainium drag system is phenomenal. If you've got it set right you can allow the fish to run and still maintain a constant pressure on the bad boy to slow him down, eventually tire him and get him in the cooler, or release it if you are one of those type of fisherman. Me, I prefer to eat'em. But just check out this video of a roosterfish really working the drag over on a Calcutta 400 TE, simply sweet!! Man how I love to hear them run.

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Shimano Calcutta News

Deals And Discounts On Shimano Calcutta 400B & 400BSV

Now's your chance to snag a reel that you'll hold on to forever. These things go fast but if you hurry, you can find a deal on some new and used discounted Calcutta 400's right here. This sampling will give you a selection of all the various 400 models that's up for sale right now. So if you are looking for that just the right piece to add to your selection, then check out these 10 just below.

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Shimano Calcutta 401 - For The Left-Handed Fisherman

Don't worry you 10-percenters, Shimano's got you covered. If you are looking for a 401 left-handed model than don't fret my pet, just look here. Here are 10 of them up for sale right now.

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Shimano Calcutta 400 TE - For Those That Want A Little More

If you're one who consistently wants more, than you'll probably want the 400TE, problem is they typically run an extra $100 or so over their B-model counterparts. But if you want the extra bearing for added smoothness and a different style of handle, then these may be for you. Look closely and come back often as sometimes we find some that go for way less than that hundred dollar difference. But you'll have to beat me to it cause if I see it and can get it cheap, you can bet it'll be gone!

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Shimano Calcutta 400 Review: This Is The Reel

Don't take my word for it, just listen to what this guy says. In his words he basically states that this is THE REEL whether you are fishing saltwater or freshwater. If you are looking to catch'em and keep'em, this reel is engineered to cast and catch big saltwater and freshwater species without burning up your line or burning up your thumb. The gear ratio is a little slower than others but you'll find that this reel will help you better fish with a slower gear ratio. The difference is like towing your boat with a Toyota versus a full size power to the ground Chevy, which this reel is. This reel is engineered to handle your extreme fishing:

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The Calcutta 400 - Absolute Smoothness

Alright, this is just sick. Just take a look at how easy it is to put one of these together, but better yet, after you do, how silky smooth the operation is. This thing will just make you want to slap yo' mamma! These reels are so smooth, be sure to check out about half way through the video where he spins the reel and then sets it to free spool. That thing can just spin for hours it seems. Easy to clean and free spooling a Calcutta 400 TE to the max.

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The Calcutta 400 In Action - Just Excuse The Speedo's

Well, this probably goes against everything that I stand for but I couldn't pass it up. Just try to ignore the guy in the speedo's as best you can, don't know what it is about those things but if you are fishing I'd suggest never wearing a pair, and better yet, not letting your buddy film it. But they do do a good job capturing a Shimano Calcutta 400 in action with a very large fish, just wish they would've subtitled it a bit as I can't understand a word they are saying.

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